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What bad habits are likely to cause excavator failure

For mechanical failure is caused by some bad habits of people, so to avoid failure to overcome these bad habits, we will specifically look at what bad habits easy to cause mechanical failure?  


1. Work as soon as the excavator starts  


As soon as you sit on the excavator, you feel full of fighting spirit and start working directly. Do you have this habit?  If the water is not released first, the water enters the oil pump, which will easily lead to the damage of the oil pump.  


2, excavator suddenly turn suddenly stop  


As soon as I started to work, I felt strong all over, spinning and stopping violently.  Energetic is good, but it can cause the brake hydraulic system to get jammed and the wheel bearings to break.  


3, excavator with the stop  


Dry where to stop where, no matter the terrain is flat or uneven, if the excavator stops too inclined, will make the oil pressure supply, in the long run, will cause high power.  


4. Flameout when the excavator stops  


As soon as the work is finished, I feel relaxed all over my body. The excavator stops immediately and the fire stops.  Especially in the summer, this habit can easily cause the engine to overheat and affect the water circulation in the engine.  


5, excavator open air conditioning do not close the window  


Summer arrived, air conditioning is essential, but open the air conditioning and do not close the doors and Windows, this habit can not be good!  First of all, it is not easy to cool down in the cab, and it is easy to damage the refrigerating pump.  Secondly, the site is dusty, and the expansion valve inhales dust, which will affect the wind power of air conditioning.  


6. Cross your legs  


Crossed legs a stilt, smoke a diao, this posture is handsome enough, enjoy enough comfortable, but the action is also dangerous enough!  If the emergency problem, the response is not timely, it is easy to happen safety accidents.  


Do you have these bad habits above the friends who drive machinery?  I hope you can have a correction, so as to make the machinery faster and better service for us!  

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