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What are the reasons for the suction of excavator hydraulic parts

Empty suction of mechanical hydraulic parts is one of the main causes of high noise in hydraulic pump.  When the oil is mixed with air, cavitation is easy to form in the high pressure area and propagates in the form of pressure wave, resulting in oil oscillation and cavitation noise in the system.  So what's the main cause?  Let's take a look at it together.  


1. The oil filter of the hydraulic pump, the oil inlet pipe is blocked or the oil viscosity is too high, which can cause the vacuum degree at the oil inlet of the pump to be too high, so that the air penetrates.  


2. The oil seal at the shaft end of the hydraulic pump and pilot pump is damaged or the seal of the inlet pipe is poor, resulting in air entering.  


3. The oil level of the oil tank is too low, so that the hydraulic pump is directly sucked into the oil pipe.  


When there is a high noise in the work of the hydraulic pump, the above parts should be checked first, and the problems need to be dealt with in time to avoid affecting the normal work efficiency.  


About the reason of mechanical hydraulic parts suction in the above content has been made with you to do a detailed introduction, I hope that through these content can deepen our understanding.  For more details, please continue to pay attention to us!  

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