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The cause of the sound of excavator engine valve foot

Excavator engine valve foot sound phenomenon, find the phenomenon can analyze the reason, and then find out the treatment plan.  




1. When the diesel cold car starts, the sound is easy to appear.  




2, the sound has nothing to do with the speed, only occasionally clear sound, will disappear soon, serious, the sound will occur frequently.  




3. When the sound appears, the individual cylinder does not work, and the sound disappears and returns to normal.  




Reasons: 1. Loose space caused by small interference of the valve seat ring in the cylinder head;  The material of the valve seat ring is not suitable and the thermal expansion coefficient is too small.  




Diagnosis and exclusion: 1, when the sound appears, accompanied by individual cylinder does not work phenomenon;  When the noise disappears and the diesel engine returns to normal, it can be diagnosed as the loosening of the valve seat ring of the non-working cylinder.  




2. Use cylinder pressure gauge to measure cylinder pressure one by one. The cylinder with low pressure is abnormal sound cylinder.  

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