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About Us——Customers all over the country to provide quality service——

Yantai Hongxu Machinery Co., Ltd

Yantai hongxu machinery co., LTD. Is a professional sales service company of doushan series excavator parts, the company has been adhering to the principle of honesty and trust-keeping since its establishment, providing various types of high-quality parts. Main business scope: brand excavator manufacturing sales, spare parts sales.


product display——Ten years of ingenuity manufacturing equipment is complete——

The reason for choosing us——Strictly control precision standards from the beginning of the design——

Experience is easier to worry about

Experience is easier to worry about

Highly integrated industry resources, with a number of mainstream brands of excavator accessories supply

highly cost effective

highly cost effective

The industry is rich in resources, warehouse - type bulk purchase, the price is more competitive in the market

Respond quickly to your needs

Respond quickly to your needs

Has a perfect warehouse center, spot direct selling, can immediately meet the urgent needs of customers perfect logistics system

Low error rate and low return rate

Low error rate and low return rate

Special Mercier for delivery detection, to ensure low error saving customer time to provide professional technical guidance

our services ——One-stop solution——


Customized products according to customer requirements, many years of operation, rich experience


We uphold the concept of high cost performance, to provide you with quality products


Professional R & D technical team support, let you rest assured cooperation.

After all

The national service network, timely meet the needs of customers。

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